Author – Publisher Agreement

  1. This agreement is written between:
  2. Gurucool Publishing, Proprietor – Vineet Gera s/o Sh. Harish Chander Gera and Kamlesh Rani, having office at 102, Sai Krupa Nilayam, Nagendra Nagar, Habsiguda, Hyderabad 500007. PAN AGGPG7498E and GSTIN 36AGGPG7498E3Z2. Hereinafter will be referred as “Publisher”.


  1. / Ms.___________________________________ S/o _____________________________________________ resident of ____________________________________________________ . Hereinafter will be referred as “Author”.

I, ___________________________________ the author of the book, do hereby understand and agree to the following terms:

  1. I am submitting the manuscript of my book in my own will to Gurucool Publishing for the purpose of pre-press activities, cover design, formatting, printing, and promotion.
  2. Gurucool Publishing will print and promote for the ‘ready to print manuscript’ being submitted by me, within 3 weeks of the author’s payment getting cleared. The book is sent to press if there are no dues from the author. This will not include the time taken for the books to reach me by post/courier. In the rare case that the book is getting delayed to be published for reasons beyond one’s control – like unavailability of paper, lockdown in the country, flood, acute power crisis, strike of press workers, etc. Gurucool Publishing will keep the author informed by email/phone and will do their best to get the book published in time. The book can be published in 3 week if author approves book and book cover design for printing, within 24 hours of getting the print-ready version of the book and cover design from us. If the author delays in approving the book for printing, the process may be delayed beyond 21 days. 3 weeks of timeline does not include the time taken for typesetting and proofreading, if proofreading and/or typesetting are included, additional time would be required.
  3. Author can expect the services from Gurucool publishing that are listed at the end of this agreement.
  4. Additional services not listed in the selected scheme or not offered in webinar, are available on additional payment.
  5. The book cannot be printed and distributed by two different companies in the same language and the same country at the same time. Author can, however, withdraw the book from Gurucool Publishing any time, if the book is selected for publication by any traditional publisher; or for any other reasons. There will be no fee for doing this; however, author must inform Gurucool Publishing by email, so that Gurucool Publishing stops enlisting this book. There will be no refund made from Gurucool Publishing for the author withdrawing a book or withholding publication.
  6. Gurucool Publishing takes no responsibility of the content of the book. The views expressed in the book are solely those of the author and the Gurucool Publishing has nothing to do with the ownership of the content. Gurucool Publishing will not be a party with the author if any lawsuit arises from the content of the book. Gurucool Publishing may withdraw the book if any lawsuit / legal proceedings happen regarding the content of the book or for other reasons. If any lawsuit arises from the book and Gurucool Publishing is by any chance made a part of it, the author will pay the legal expenses, fines, compensation if any applicable on Gurucool Publishing.
  7. As the author, I assure that this work is original and not exactly the same as any other literature written by someone else, ruling out the possibilities of any copyright issues with other authors. In case the book is found to be plagiarized or copied, Gurucool Publishing will have the right to withdraw the book with no refund.
  8. As the author, I assure that I own the right/copyright of all the images and photos used inside the book. I understand that no image can be used for which the author does not own the copyright. Gurucool Publishing will not be a party of any lawsuit arising, if any, for anyone challenging the use of copyrighted photo/image in the book, and Gurucool Publishing may withdraw the book if any such lawsuit / legal proceedings happen about the use of copyrighted image/photo. If any lawsuit arises from the book in this regard and Gurucool Publishing is by any chance made a part of it, the author will pay the legal expenses, fines, compensation if any applicable on Gurucool Publishing.
  9. As the author I assure that my book is not among the 4 categories of books Gurucool Publishing does not print and distribute:
    • Plagiarized, or copied books. If the submitted manuscript has copied content, copy-pasted from other books, websites, blogs, etc; even if parts of it; it does not qualify as an original work. Gurucool Publishing publishes only original works. If the manuscript has copied content, those portions will have to be removed or rewritten in original words. Gurucool Publishing runs Copyscape test for each book to check for plagiarism, and books with copied content get disqualified for publication.
    • Pornographic or obscene books.
    • Books propagating the ideology of terrorist groups, anti-government in content or against the interest of the nation.
    • Books containing personal attacks, allegations or hatred towards a real person(s), organization(s) or communities, books containing legal case histories & solicitations of past, presently continuing or planned future litigation with the real person(s), organization(s) or communities.
  10. As the author, I can resell the books, received from Gurucool Publishing, through online and offline distribution networks.
  11. Under certain schemes, Gurucool Publishing will build a standard website for the author, where the book will be featured; as a promotional measure. If I want additional features in the website, the additional cost will have to be borne by me. This website will be valid for one year. Renewal fee for the domain name and hosting is to be paid by Author from next year onward.
  12. The book will be displayed through Gurucool Publishing website, Amazon, Flipkart for promotion, as long as it is with Gurucool Publishing.
  13. Author will not be able to make changes once the book is uploaded / submitted in pdf/word format. Changes are however possible in the next printed version/edition. If the author-approved version which is going to the press has mistakes, the mistakes will be there in the printed version, and Gurucool Publishing will not be responsible for those; that is why it is recommended that the author checks the final print-ready version carefully before submitting it.
  14. I understand that this is a self published book; so I the author is the ‘publisher’ of this book. Gurucool Publishing will act as the pre-press agent, printer, promoter, and PR agency for this book. This may be mentioned in the title page (2nd page) of the book.
  15. I, the author can also separately promote and advertise my book to build awareness and acquire sales.
  16. I, the author can sell movie rights for this book to any filmmaker or movie producer any time without having to take permission of Gurucool Publishing. Gurucool Publishing will have no say in this matter.
  17. I, the author can get this book translated in any other language and publish a translated version of this book in the same country without seeking permission of Gurucool Publishing.
  18. Any payment made to Gurucool Publishing is non refundable in any case, whatsoever.
  19. I am making a payment to Gurucool Publishing of INR _________________ /- In words ( _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _) through DD / Bank Transfer Ref. Number ___________________ on ____________ (Date).
  20. I am eligible to get following services from Gurucool Publishing:
    • Online Course 1 – Ink what you Think (English)
    • Online Course 2 – 30 Days book writing Challenge (English)
    • Online Course 1 – Kalam Aur Dawaat (Hindi)
    • Online Course 2 – 30 Din me pustaklikhne ki chunauti (Hindi)
    • Gurucool Hall of Fame – Interview with Published Authors
    • Monday to Friday – 6.00 AM to 7.30 AM writing exercise
    • ISBN (for one book)
    • Book Cover design (One design 2 revisions) – for one book
    • Royalty and printing costs will be decided once the file is ready to print.
    • Royalty payouts will be monthly.

Author Signature                                                                                                                                                                                              Publisher Signature (with Stamp)

Full Name : ____________________                                                                                                                                                                 Full Name________________

Date: _________________________                                                                                                                                                                  Date: ___________________