Gurucool Publishing

Gurucool publishing publishes your book in 14 days from manuscript submission. Gurucool publishing is India’s fast growing self publishing company by popularity.

Gurucool publishing comes from Gurucool Edutech, that runs Gurucool Institue of Event Management [] and Gurucool Institute of personality Enrichment. Gurucool publishing is now India’s most popular self-publishing company; helping authors to publish and sell their books.

The aim of Gurucool publishing is to provide the gateway to ALL talented writers and poets with an opportunity to get themselves published and being noticed by the world. We understand and strongly believe there are thousands of talented writers and poets, who simply have talent to write but not able to find a publisher. Conventional publishers only publish books based on the calculation whether the book is going to make profit for the company. Conventional publisher avoid specialized subjects. Even the wait time with any conventional publisher is very high i.e. ranging from 5 months to 2 years, in some cases. Refusal by a conventional publisher not only leaves a writer heartbroken but also results in waste of time.

We at Gurucool publishing have arrived at a solution. We simply don’t refuse to publish and even not keep your waiting. We have a simple 4 step procedure to get yourself published – and you are assured to get your books in printed form within 14 days. . Writer need to follow some guidelines for formatting and just submit the manuscript to us. Rest all we take care, be it offline sales or online sales. We are very much searchable on Google as our website is optimized. We’ll also make your book available on following website: –

Not only so, we send you enough complimentary copies so that you can sell or distribute them. Royalties are being paid quarterly along with the sales report. One major benefit of publishing with us is that writer reserves the copy right. You own copyrights and can also withdraw your book any time if a major traditional publisher agrees to publish the same book later.

If you are blessed with a talented writer child, get her/his book published through us. We have a company policy and actively want to support talented children who write.

Renowned authors like Rudyard Kipling, Ernest Hemmingway, Stephen King, Amish, Mark Twain, E. L. James (Fifty Shades of Gray), and Walt Whitman had taken the help of self publishing to get their books published. We all know what happened to them later.