• Stay Motivated During Covid Times: 101 Post Corona Quotes

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    Book Size (Inches) : 5x8 inch
    Binding : Black & White Paperback
    Interior Color : Black & White
    Language : English
    Genre(s) : Non-Fiction
    ISBN : 9789393582461
    Year : 2022
    Pages : 66

Book Description

AA= Anand Ambujakshan. hails from Kochi. After a meritorious tenues in indian navy,he continue his service as "International Trainer and coach". He's the brand ambassador of YANA empowerment system (YOU ARE NOT ALONE ) His books are among his resources to serve the needy. 20% of the revenue generated will be dedicated to treatment of poor people with mental health issues .The author chose to deal with mental health because he strongly believes that with the advancement of technology, the future diseases will be depression, insomnia and obesity.

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