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    Book Size (Inches) : 5x8 inch
    Binding : B/w Hardcover
    Interior Color : Black & White
    Language : English
    Genre(s) : Non-Fiction
    ISBN : 9788194746973
    Year : 2020
    Pages : 100

Book Description

शैलेंद्र का जैसे ही ज़िक्र आता है सबसे पहले ज़ुबां पर एक ही गीत आता है : “ऐ मेरे दिल कहीं और चल”। और उन सुरों और स्वरों की बात आती है जो आपकी आत्मा तक पहुँचती है तो उसमें भी शैलेंद्र की अपनी शैली रही।चाहे वो “सब कुछ सीखा हमने ना सीखी होशियारी “ हो या “ सजन रे झूठ मत बोलो “ जैसे गीत रहे हों। डा० विनय मोहन की ये किताब शैलेंद्र के सुरों की आत्मा को बहुत बारीकी से पकड़ती है और जब आप किताब पढ़ेंगे तो आपको लगेगा कि हर पन्ने के साथ शैलेंद्र आपके साथ “ हर दिल जो प्यार करेगा वो गाना गाएगा “ जैसे गीत गाते हुए चल रहे हैं। विनोद कापड़ी Sr. Journalist & National Award-winning Filmmaker   About the Author: Dr. Vinay Mohan is a techno-commercial, hands-on professional who has been enjoying dissemination of knowledge acquired through his considerable exposure and experience in the areas of Industries, Banking and Education. A BE (Chem. Engg.) from BIT Sindri, MBA (Fin.) and Ph.D from Rajasthan University, he has profound experience in managing industrial revival with State Bank Group. He also had successful stints in leading a Central Public Sector Undertaking at its helm and in leading the turnaround of a large Birla Group Engineering Company that had been under lockout for quite some time. At present he is running his own consultancy organisation and is the Honorary Chair Professor of a Private University in Jaipur. He has been associated with Jaipur Management Association (Local Chapter of AIMA) and Research Development Association as their office – bearer and has authored/ presented many papers and management articles in National and International Conferences organised under their aegis. Apart from above professional pursuits, his interests lie in the areas of music, sports and literature. “An Ode to Shailendra” is his maiden attempt at penning down his deep appreciation of the acclaimed poet.

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