• Clark & Spark’s Amazing Adventures

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  • Book Information
    Book Size (Inches) : 5x8 inch
    Binding : Black & White Paperback
    Interior Color : Black & White
    Language : English
    Genre(s) : Fiction
    ISBN : 9789393582126
    Year : 2022
    Pages : 62

Book Description

Clark and Spark are traveling around the world, facing many life-challenging decisions, learning new things, experiencing different cultures, and tasting exotic dishes. Read the book to join them on their journey. About the Author: Advvay Ahuja is a Young author. He is into reading, writing and speaking. He loves playing sports like cricket, squash, and football. Advvay is deeply interested in Greek Mythology and wants to inspire children to read. You can check book reviews of the varied genres on his youtube channel.

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