• Stories of Love

    Once upon a love!

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    Book Size (Inches) : 5x8 inch
    Binding : Black & White Paperback
    Interior Color : Black & White
    Language : English
    Genre(s) : Non-Fiction
    ISBN : 9789390998890
    Year : 2022
    Pages : 130

Book Description

Is Love just about fairy tales and happily ever after, or is it more? Love has many shades. Sometimes it is pure, joyful, naïve, all hugs and kisses but sometimes it is damaged, suffocating, misery. ‘Every love has a story!’ One story is a tale of the unsaid love, while other is grand gesture of love. Some story will make you look up to the sky smiling; another will crowd your eyes with tears. Be ready for the roller coaster ride of love unfolding its many stories!

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