• In Over My Head

    How to make overthinking work for you

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    Book Size (Inches) : 5x8 inch
    Binding : Black & White Paperback
    Interior Color : Black & White
    Language : English
    Genre(s) : Non-Fiction
    ISBN : 9789393582256
    Year : 2021
    Pages : 115

Book Description

This book is about coping with overthinking and methods you can put into practice in daily life to find strength when dealing with setbacks and challenges in life and how you can capitalize on your overthinking nature to benefit from it. This book touches on several key topics such as bullying, self-worth in relationship, living in the present, and challenging negative thoughts. The motivation behind this book is to help readers who suffer from depression and anxiety cope better with their negative thoughts and emotions using methods that have worked for the author on a personal level. Nithya shares concepts and approaches to handling negative thoughts as well as short stories inspired by true events in life. Nithya sincerely hopes that with her wisdom and practical solutions, she will be able to add value to the life of her readers, regardless of the status of their mental well-being. She hopes that readers will be able to tap into their inner strength to weather any storm that rocks their boat with the help of this book.

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