• 6 Step Formula to Fast-track Your Growth

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Right from the time I started my career in Human Resources till today when I support various clients for their Human Resources needs, whether be it an Indian company or a multinational organisation, I have been a witness to interesting dynamics of relations between an intermediate team leader and his immediate team member. Many a times I get astonished by the deep intensity yet the simplicity of the relations between the intermediate boss – Team Leader or Supervisor and his team members, in an organization which could be a factory, an IT or ITES company, an BPO or an service industry for that case. But on several occasions I have been also disturbed by looking at the immature, shaky relations of a Team Leader with his teammates. Moreover I have also seen very clear implications of such weak relations on the happiness index of the company and thus on the overall business of the company. Though these relations may be considered just as any other business relations between any other boss and his subordinate, I see this specific relation an edge above any other relation in an industry.

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