Writing Style or Style in Writing!

Does writing style or style in writing mean the same? Well, that’s something to think about.
Writing Style is the way of writing by every specific author. Every writer chooses their own
words, tone, expressions and outlook which differs from the rest and this makes their own
writing style. It’s a way to manipulate language to give a fresh and eloquent meaning. A unique
writing style is a gift to the writer which can make them pioneers.
A strong writing style can glue the readers to the book and give a major boost to the entire plot
or story. Sometimes a creative writing style or a dramatic crafting can dominate the entire plot
and give a whole new meaning to it.
Classic epic writers like Shakespeare, Agatha Christie or Jane Austen are by far the best writers
in the English literature for their revolutionary, symbolic and influential writing style. Of recent
times writers like John Grisham, Salman Rushdie, Khaled Hosseini or even the Indian writers like
R.K.Narayan, Shobha De or Khushwanth Singh have all been experiential, flamboyant and
explicitly bold in their writings.
Identifying your own writing style can be a very cautious and tricky job. While some of it comes
from a deliberate and conscious effort, a great portion of it is influenced by the experiences,
culture and upbringing.
There are just four major writing styles to choose from when starting your next piece of art.
Narrative Style – This style is mostly used in fictional work when narrating stories or plot in
novels, poetries or short stories.
Expository Style – Writers adapt to expository style when writing non-fiction like newspaper
articles, fact based information, business journals or even educational books. Expository Style is
basically explaining a concept or a model.
Descriptive Style – As the name suggests, descriptive writing means describing something. This
is used when the author needs to describe people, places or things and needs in-depth detail to
ensure a visionary picture is flashed before the readers. Descriptive style is often combined
with narrative style.
Persuasive Style – Persuading the readers to think or act needs persuasive style of reading. This
is mostly relevant in advertisements, product descriptions or even reviews.

What should be kept in mind is that each of these styles really depends on what kind of script
you are getting in to. Also, when writing we may be switching between these styles at various
stages of the book. What is critically important is the right timing and the ease of switching
which makes the story interesting and readable.
Let’s say we are writing a romantic fiction and this needs the narrative writing style. As the
author narrates the story he needs to keep switching gears between narrative and descriptive
style. In times when he describes the place or characters he shifts to descriptive style and as the
story progresses he gets back to the narrative style. Again if he is looking to stimulate thoughts
or inner conscious of the readers he may adopt the persuasive style and make his writing a
perfect work of art.
‘Changing writing styles is like an actor taking on a different part’ – Ed McBain
Now, while we have learnt the different writing techniques we also have to keep in mind some
simple and easy ways to get a more refined and superior writing style.

  • Being specific and not talking in air is very important. The readers want to be clear on
    what they are reading and not be confused and loose interest.
  • Choosing simple words is helpful. Writer needs to keep in mind their audience and
    purpose of writing and choose words accordingly.
  • Writing short sentences and keeping paragraphs small helps to hold the interest and
    understanding of the readers.
  • Writing and sticking to either first or second person narrative. Jumbling them may make
    the writing raw and unpolished.
  • Keeping the theme or the basic idea in mind throughout the book is critical. If the book
    starts with one concept and ends with another then the whole essence of the book is lost.
  • Avoid plagiarism and try to make your writing as original, creative and inventive as

A well-crafted, presented and engaging content is well styled writing and this is the most
needed talent for any writer. What makes a script more preferred and loved than the others or
in simple words more different and unique?
Well, it’s the wordiness, sentence structure, word choice, mood, interpretation and
imaginations that create a spectacular piece taking the readers to another world of fantasy and

The romanticism portrayed in the epic books Pride and Prejudice, Gone with the Wind or any
Mills and Boons edition can be just as dreamy and mystique as it can get. The very mention of
these books flashes an image of a mind blowing handsome hunk and a gracious beauty madly in
love with each other. Those passionate looks and indulging conversations can make your blood
rush to your veins and blush your cheeks.
These are the subconsciously personified versions in our mind which we recollect at the very
mention of romance. What is really obvious is the writing style which has made these books so
universally acclaimed and unarguably greatest romantic epics of all times.
So identify your own self, keep dreaming, have your own style and create the magic to amaze
the world.