We are Salesman

“We are Salesman” is an amazing reference book for the sales community looking to improvise their sales fundamentals.

Rana Roy has explained the selling concepts, laws and methodologies with crisp, concise yet detailed informative content.

Starting from the basic selling terminologies he takes the course towards elaborating on the importance, requirements, integrity, strategies, techniques and types of sales. Identifying the various barriers to hinder sales success he shares self-tried and tested methods to overcome them.

He has also attempted to elaborate on the basic sales model and how understanding this can help to better engage the customers. The mission is to share knowledge and connect with the experienced and the newly joined sales tribe.

Inspiring the entire sales force, he talks candidly about the struggles and challenges faced, the motivation and de-motivation phases they pass through and shares some simple, apt and descriptive tips to succeed when you are in the sales profession.

The book is an excellent assimilation of the dynamics of a sales man life, their aspirations and dreams with his real life experiences and success stories. He has also taken support of quotes from learned personalities which resonates and re-enforces his concepts and message very precisely.

The best part about the book is Rana’s message loud and clear

“You can’t win if you don’t play”

The answer to win is extraordinarily simple – Do not hesitate to go right out there in the market and showcase your products. That’s the only way to sell and succeed.