Secrets of Happy Contented and Cheerful Life

JP Singh has attempted to strike the right chord in his masterpiece ‘Secrets of Happy Contented and Cheerful Life’.

A harmonious, pleasant and treat to the readers this book proposes the fundamentals of living a fulfilling and blissful life. It re-in forces the universal relevance of the fact that a mind can make a heaven of hell and a hell of heaven.

JP Singh has beautifully penned down the unarguable and simplest of the life’s principles and verities that can make our life meaningful and brighter. He has focused on the basic values and need of humility, honesty, sincerity and kindness which completes our lives and spreads positivity and happiness.

In today’s busy schedules and overloaded work stress this book can prove to be a great guide and tool kit. He has touched upon some useful and practical concerns like financial planning, Time management, sleep management etc., with agreeable suggestions to plan our life and better manage constraints and problems.

He has adopted very simple and gratifying outlook which can turnaround the way we perceive our life. All the ignored and left behind lessons of life are brushed upon like – developing hobbies and passion, simple steps to start a day positively, balancing work and personal life, recognizing life goals, valuing family and maintaining health and spiritual beliefs.

He has also shared the idea of charity and donating and passed out a heart touching message that a bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives the rose. Sharing and donating is the simplest way to attain self-satisfaction, peace and inner solace which is the way to quality life.

The book reflects the ideology that Happiness is a choice, a state of being and how it is so easy to be happy yet so difficult to be simple. The power of appreciation, gratitude and commitment draws and hypnotizes joy, contentment and abundance. Fill your heart and soul with spirituality, positivity, forgiveness and humanity and you will find prosperity, happiness and sunshine.

He has also tried to provide assistance by giving practical tips and case studies on how to apply these philosophies in our daily life. Simplifying and sorting out the growing demands of our stressful and digital life can now be possible if we consider the vision JP Singh has gifted the readers. Inspiring thoughts and positive affirmations towards the end is like the cherry on the cake to trigger the spark and energize the readers.

Most gracious and subtle thoughts and antidote are mentioned which are thought provoking and enlightening. It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow. Similarly happiness and difficulties are a part of life and embracing both of these God’s blessings create an accomplishing journey.

In a nutshell this book can be termed as An Ode to Happiness! Inspiring to re-live every single moment a thousand times yet again.

Be Simple! Be Positive! Be Happy! Do More than Exist – Live!