Schedule Time to Write – And Actually Write!

“Nobody has the time to write a book, some people just do it anyhow” – Sharyn Mccrumb

Writing a book may be a dream and desire to many of us; however a dream only comes true if it is put in to action. So if you aspire to be an author then the only way to achieve your goal is to write, write and write.

As much as this may sound easy, but the actual work may come across a lot of obstacles and hitches. Finding time to write may be a major challenge with the current hectic schedules, house chores or work stress. Another concern which is often experienced by writers is the declining motivation or finding it difficult to schedule their day and dedicate those specific hours each day.

Whether you are writing a short story, novel or a memoir, the most important ingredient to its success and completion is discipline.

It takes a lot of self-discipline to be able to work on your art piece tirelessly with the same level of enthusiasm and motivation. But it’s going to be worth it.  If you are able to maintain your discipline level and invest this dedication in your writing, then you will succeed. Remember, there is no other way to success.

This mantra probably applies to every stream and not just writing. Discipline is a vital element in keeping up the fitness level, having a successful professional life or even in maintaining healthy relations.

It is well said ‘Your level of success is determined by your level of discipline and perseverance’. But the trick is to enjoy this effort of being disciplined and committed and not consider it as a strain and pressure. Remember, the joy is in the climb itself.

And simple remedies and habits can easily combat the time constraints you might be facing while creating your piece of art.

Firstly and fore mostly, find a peaceful writing spot for yourself where you tend to not get distracted and get those unique and creative thoughts flowing in your brain cells. For a writer to tap the deepest emotions and dreams and transform them in the most beautiful words is extremely critical.

Then, make a schedule for your ‘me’ or ‘writing’ time. It could be specific hours each day (like 6 AM to 8 AM) or specific days in a week (Tuesday and Thursday). Sticking to these timelines would design your schedule making it organized and methodical.

Set your goals and stick to them as much as possible. These goals could be in terms of hours spent or the words written. Either of them would help streamline your work and build stepping stones in reaching the completion line. A recommended average goal is around 300-400 words each day which totals up to around 30,000 words in 75 days. With all editing and re-reading you would effortlessly complete a wholesome book in approximately 90 days and that’s a perfect timeline.

Sticking to the goals set is the key. While we may make a great schedule but if we do not follow them, then the entire plan can be a sheer waste. To do this, think of ways to cut down on your to-do list and squeeze out time. Prioritize the important tasks, delegate the less important activities and do not negotiate on the writing schedule.

Call out for support from your partner and family. Make arrangements so you do not get disturbed and can focus on your thoughts and words without ignoring your loved ones.

A very useful tool which can be adopted to keep your schedule in control is calenderized time and dates. This would act like a constant reminder and reduce distractions and disruptions.

Join a writing group of find a coach which could get you more accountable by constantly keeping a check on the progress. This ensures being on track and also receiving constructive and encouraging feedback.

Lastly, it is the fire within which is of predominant essence. It is this burning desire and yearning which can maneuver all the above mentioned practices and ideas. The desire to write grows with writing. So make a start with all dedication and conviction and the world would conspire to make it a success.  There is an audience, there is a language and there are words. You just need to begin.

Remember, Where there is a will, there is always away!