I hope we meet again

Defining the deepest significance of love, pain and separation ‘I Hope we meet again’ brings in a strong and meaningful lesson to everyone in love.

The author Archana Abhishek has brought in to fore a very common and thought provoking phase most of the young group struggles through.  The book talks about a young girl Roma who falls in love with a perfect Mills & Boons character who is tall, dark and handsome.

While she has always been independent, this relation instilled courage and confidence to fight the world. She feels a sense of worth and finds bliss and eternal happiness only to be shattered by her own love. It takes heart touching twists and turns on how the relation goes sour due to the customary and stereotypic supremacy coming in the form of insecurity, possessiveness and dominance.

Archana Abhishek has envisioned portraying the positive side of splitting or parting and how it can be perceived to be a learning in itself. The book also draws a soulful and awesome life tip that every relation deserves little space and this should be respected and appreciated. A beautiful relation is built not just with love and passion but with a lot of mutual respect, honesty, friendship, freedom and dependency.  

A very outthinking and progressive approach is reflected when the book reveals sensitive discussions around love existing in broken relations and that is ok to not make it forever. How distance does not impact feelings and one can decide to free themselves from someone they love to live a happier life.

Simple yet canny and thoughtful style has been adopted all through the script to express the deepest and unspoken thoughts a girl feels in every phase of a relation and step of life. Archana Abhishek has skillfully unified the various relations and their respective significance. The love we feel for our beloved does not decree or over cede our love for that valuable friend or our mother or even ourselves.

What’s distinctive about the book is how the author has blended quirky humor with the most serious emotions which makes it a delight to read. A great reflection of the various elements of emotions – love, romance, family bond, friendship, companionship and attachment.

A women centric writing which is a must for everyone who wants to understand or identify the silent and inaudible whirlpool of feelings, passion and excitement of womanhood.

Very graceful and soothing language is used along with taking the support of quotes from renowned personalities to bring out the real spirit.

All in all, an inspiring love story which clearly gets us empowered and liberated from any of yesterday’s stressful baggage. To let us take the pleasant memories along and walk towards a new chapter of life.