Horizon – The Rising Sun

‘Poetry comes from the highest happiness or the deepest sorrow’ – APJ Abdul Kalam
Samitha Pathania has echoed the above quote through her mystical and enchanting collection
of poetries depicting various refreshing and heart touching melodies. This book is a collection of
very heart blossoming and heart wrenching feelings in a very whimsical and graceful way.
She has so beautifully strung words with each other to paint the picture on diverse themes like
nature, relations, inner strength, belief and gratitude. From the philosophical subjects like
environmental imbalance, national integrity and cell phone and drug addiction to describing the
treasurable relations blessed upon us by the Almighty.
There are verses on the beauty of Nature with every word drenched in the joy of living and
rejoicing the magnificent creations of God. When monsoon comes with endless bliss and colors
of the rainbow to lift up the spirits there is something for each of us to think.
And when stars are shining bright up in the sky Samitha reflects how this could teach each of us
to aim to fly. As the stars we all should aim to reach the pinnacle of success and happiness and
never stop shining.
There are poems on changing the world and spreading peace and harmony. This is indeed an
applaudable effort from the poet giving a variation of emotions at one go. While she talks about
how much destruction we are creating, she also strikes the point on the need to take a breath
and enjoy life. So much of rush and so much of chaos only to miss on the beautiful journey of
The collection also reflects her intense and thoughtful viewpoint, values and beliefs. There are
thought provoking, stimulating and inspiring words written on the voice of the heart, the power
of self and the power of voice which can strengthen the weakest and calm the strongest.
The deepest and the darkest side of the emotions and mind are so beautifully portrayed in the
most subtle manner. The topics may be classical and universal yet they are caroled in the most
soul baring, heartfelt and passionate manner creating an illusion, a mirage before the reader’s
Dripping with charm and artistry, the words and intoxicating and captivating. Language
remains simple yet charismatic taking you to a world full of vibrant and vivacious mysteries.

The book can just fill your cup to the brim with vivid emotions, tears, smiles, blessings and
learning’s. Yes, you would get dozed up and feel satiated with the awe-inspiring rhythms,
refreshing thoughts and soulful smiles.
And that reminds me of yet another poem by John Paul Moore called “Drinking from the
Saucer” which says –
I thank God for the blessings that His mercy has bestowed
I’m drinking from the saucer because my cup has overflowed.