From Rural To Digital

‘From Rural to Digital’ is a memoir shared by Mr. Palaniswamy on his life experiences, struggles, learning’s and development.

This book is an empowering and touching story on how he has evolved from a lower middle class teenage school going boy to be a successful IT Professional in one of the top MNC’s in India. He has blended both his personal and professional live course to project the impact on work life balance and the importance of companionship, groups and families.

The book provokes a stimulating thought in every brain “You can opt to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond. Which would you choose?” He has adopted very undecorated and homely language with simple real life anecdotes; however they project powerful and exceptional inspiration and valuable lessons.

The book revolves around the important aspect of having a strong vision to succeed and achieve your goal. Once you have set the right vision you have crafted the way to success. What remains is only crossing the path.

There would always be failure as an intermediate step before success. But perseverance, confidence, conviction and determination is needed at all times to remain focused and motivated. He re-enforces the fact that success if difficult to achieve and all the more difficult to sustain. Having the right blend of attitude, knowledge and passion is the key.

Language or the monetary status can never become the obstacles in your success path if you have the knowledge and the right attitude. The journey is going to be hard but it’s just a phase. With hard work, focus and patience it can turn in to be an enjoyable ride. Creating the right equilibrium between struggle and enjoyment creates the self-contentment.

He has given a smooth snapshot of the struggle phase of most of the working population and what goes inside the head and heart. The failures, rejections and disappointments and how it is critical to re-energize and stand tall to fight the battle one more time.

A very important, unspoken and ignored concept is highlighted in this book which might be unusual yet very engaging and reflective. A strong foundation laid in the young days would only build a strong future. He illustrates multiple examples when he has related back to his early learning’s and it had helped him in different walks of life. Thus, it is essential to invest in gathering knowledge and information whenever and wherever possible.

Lastly, he stresses on the need to remain humble and grounded while climbing the ladder of success. While we are struggling through the learning path or reaping the benefits and having an accomplished career, it is our loved one’s that completes the entire expedition. Giving back to the family for all their sacrifices and selfless love is the ultimate happiness one can attain.

Overall, a humble portrayal of the ups and downs lived and breathed by an IT guy delivering a powerful doze of inspiration and confidence.