Fitness & Sports with Kettlebells

‘Fitness and Sports with Kettle Bells’ is a strongly recommended read for those looking to get involved in this thriving scientific sport.

Parag Mhetre who is a Strength & Conditioning Coach & Kettlebell sport athlete and the Ambassador to introduce the training methods and fitness programs has been instrumental in getting this amazing fitness concept  in to limelight.

Kettle bell is a sport which is an intense combination of cardio and strength training. It is a cast iron tool used to develop strength and endurance. Coming from Russian origin from the 18th century kettle bell holds amazing health benefits along with being a fun and engaging sport.

Parag has provided an extensive material and detailed information on all the important aspects of the sport. He covers crucial features of the kettle bell training program and explains the different types of the kettlebells, how to choose kettlebell and their respective usage.

He has made sure to include all methodical details starting from the correct holding postures, the basic fitness level needed to kick start the workout, of health benefits of kettlebell training, why kettle bells are good for you with its technicalities and usage.

Complex concepts like oxygen uptake ability, metabolite production ability, metabolite tolerant ability and advance conditioning program are explained in simple and uncomplicated language that it makes the readers understand the content with ease.

Keeping things simple, He has fabulously integrated shoulder strengthening exercises and how these workouts are gaining popularity and are getting adopted in more and more fitness studios.

Parag has explained the fitness sport like never before with immense research and details making it influential on the readers mind.  What is amazing about this book is the inclusion of visual photographs and amazing illustrations which helps any layman understand each technique and step.

An eye opener and excellent manual for the fitness field Parag has definitely made a difference by jotting down the most integral and trivial attributes. He also breaks the myths around not lifting weights or other gym workout.

Knowing his dedication, vision and efforts is inspiring and encouraging. The book is motivating enough to ignite the passion of making fitness as your lifestyle rather than just a short term goal. . He stresses on the need of getting healthy and fit rather than looking for weight loss or quick fixes to health issues.

With the evolving trends in India and fitness becoming a major priority, Parag has come out with a helping hand to all those who wish to gain knowledge and expertise in this area.

Kettlebell is probably the toughest sport of lifting and requires immense mental energy, patience, aggression and physical fitness. He coherently relates how this sport can get you an overall mental toughness with physical health and strength.  He has stemmed out an extra-ordinary and unprecedented method of Kettle bell complimenting Yoga with an objective to address strength, endurance, power, mobility and flexibility.

Parag Mhetre is a true inspiration and an idol many aspire to be. His knowledge and efforts on the kettlebell training and fitness programs is surely driving a fitness flair.

His ‘No pains No Gain’ principle brings out a clear message –

Fitness is not a destination; it is a way of life So Keep Calm and Swing because Kettlebell is the best calorie burning workout.