This method of publishing is a little different from traditional publishing. Self-publishing implies page layout, designing, illustrating, printing, and promoting of books whenever you want it, in the same way as traditional publishers. There are no rejections and very less waiting time i.e. only 14 days. Within 14 days you’ll have your book published.

Anyone who wants to establish her/his name as an author.

  • Speakers
  • Life coaches, motivators, trainers
  • Professional training institutions
  • Professionals
  • Poets
  • Politicians
  • Teachers, professors
  • First-time authors
  • Young writers
  • Writers who have a very focused subject, with a very precise market
  • NGOs
  • Others

In approximately 14 days, from the time we have the computer typed manuscript (as per our formatting instructions) and your payment with us.

  • To Save time because time is money we take only 14 days to publish
  • To give full control to the Author
  • To test markets with self-publishing
  • To reach to a very specific target market
  • Choose your scheme
  • Make payment
  • Upload Manuscript with our guidelines
  • Designing of Cover page
  • Formatting of publishing material
  • Final Publishing
  • Sales
  • Profit to authors
  • You would earn profits by selling books, online and offline. 
  • You would receive complimentary copies (depending on the scheme you take )
  • You would get author’s website made for you (depending on the scheme you take ), in your name, worth Rs 25,000 which would become an asset for you.
  • Having your own book published is priceless.

Dear Author, Not, at all. Copyright is always with you. If you are being approached by a traditional publisher, we can always choose to work with them.

Yes, copyright of your work remains with you only. Some of the schemes have copyright registration included. In other schemes, you can add copyright registration on extra payment.

We are open for co-branding, but the decision of editor would be final in this regard.

Yes, the author has 100% film rights for her/his book. The author can sell the film rights without our consent. Whatever is your deal with film production company e.g. 25 lakhs or 50 lakhs, this full amount belongs tothe author.

Presently we are offering publishing, distribution and promotion support for English and Hindi.

We publish almost all type of books except for the following.
  • Plagiarized, or copied books. We run Copyscape test for each work submitted to us. We publish only original works. Any content, if copied from any site, blog, the book will be disqualified for publishing.
  • Pornographic or obscene books.
  • Books propagating the ideology of terrorist groups, anti-government in content or against the interest of the nation.
  • Books containing personal attacks, allegations or hatred towards the real person(s), organization(s) or communities, books containing legal case histories & solicitations of past, presently continuing or planned future litigation with the real person(s), organization(s) or communities.

You are welcome to do so. Author can organize book launch event. We have our own event management company, which can help you in organizing such an event. Do let us know the date and time in advance so that we make sure that your copies of books are ready.

Kindly note, that we are not obligated to supply additional copies to the venue / bookstore for the launch event. Requisition of additional copies for the launch event has to be communicated to us well in advance in written. Further, full payment has to made in advance.

Default size is: 5.5 inches X 8.5 inches.

Yes, if your book is handwritten. No, if your book is computer typed and an editable soft copy is ready. Regarding font and size, we give certain guidelines, which you can follow and submit a pdf file to us.

We use the laser, offset and digital printing.

Business card is no different from a visiting card. It’ll have your book cover and your contact details. This can be used as a marketing tool.

PDF is the acceptable format for us. For the final formatting of the book, we help you with the formatting techniques. Tables and images etc. Should not cross the print area margin.

Whatever numbers you want, we are ready to deliver. 

We can take a decision on price, once we see the manuscript. It actually depends upon lots of factors such as length of the book, paper quality, binding, circulation cost etc.

Yes. We recommend that you please go through the agreement before you start the process.