Choose your Writing Goal!

“Books are the treasured wealth of the world. Every time you open a book a little magic falls out”

Books are read widely for a lot of reasons. It is read to gain knowledge, build vocabulary, enhance communication and writing skills, to motivate you or just as a hobby. Whatever the reason maybe, a book can be considered as our best friend in every phase and walk of life.

As mentioned, there may be varied reasons to read a book similarly there maybe varied reasons why books are written.

Some write books to share their experiences or message, to create your identity, to cure or give therapies, to be a full time writer/author, to voice out your untold story or to brand yourself.

Writing a book can actually help you make a contribution to the world. All you need to ensure is you are well versed on why you want to write and you plan it well.

Having an objective in mind is critical before you start writing. You may wonder why? Remember goals give us a sense of direction. It is this objective which will decide and align the design, language, plot and your illustration style. If you do not have a goal in mind then you may get misdirected and your writing might go shapeless.

Let’s take an example. If your intention it to inspire others then you can either choose a fiction or a self-help book. You will have a blue print in mind which would help you choose a concept accordingly and include inspiring and meaningful words and anecdotes throughout your book.

 If your purpose is to share your educational or business knowledge then your book is a complete different ball game. You need to be well versed with the subject, have a well-researched and informative content and only focus on educating your readers.

The clearer the goal, the crisper would be the writing. The mightiest of the trees is only as strong as its roots. The goal is the root and the writing is the tree. If the goal is strong then the tree is healthy.

A word of caution is to remember not to have too many options. The more options we have, the less satisfied and calibrated we become. So stay focused, follow your passion and charge your batteries.

Think of why you want to write.  If you are clear on why you want to write then you will inevitably discover the route to what to write.

Dream it. Then do it!