Carve Your Success

Vishal Trivedi has brilliantly identified the needs and challenges faced by the Apparel Business owners and have collated a comprehensive and strategic guidebook to enable and empower all the upcoming entrepreneurs.

The book focuses on all the important aspects of the apparel business also termed as the fashion or the textile industry.  Covering the perspective of the various business loops like the manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, online retailers or the raw material manufacturers he has emphasized on the business concepts, basic fundamentals and the leadership skills.

Vishal Trivedi has analyzed that the apparel business is not just a growing but a very competitive stream and that it needs to keep adapting, modifying and remodeling itself as per the changing customers taste and preferences.

The book can be categorized on the two aspects – The Leadership skills and the Tools of Fashion merchandiser.

He provides a detailed and informative insight on the critical attributes which goes in the making of a great and successful Entrepreneur – Leadership qualities like leading by example, hiring the right talent for the right opportunities, including and involving the vision and mission in every process and building a great sales team.

A very inclusive mixture of the sales technicalities like the tool of fashion merchandisers, operational process, quality of products produced, sales and marketing techniques makes the book purposeful and informative.

Lastly, he speaks about the role of technology in managing the business database and how going digital has its own benefits in designing which is the most important part of the fashion industry.

“Carve Your Success” displays excellent domain knowledge and serves as an intellectual educator and an instructor. It is definitely a great investment providing valuable information, skills, direction and motivation to the business owners aspiring to grow and be successful.